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Antifa thugs in Washington vandalizing vehicles with American flags on them

With most of mainstream media ignoring the domestic terrorism in states like Washington, Oregon, and Minnesota, Antifa has turned to more directly violent means in order to get people's attention. Yesterday, they escalated their attacks against anyone who had the nerve to express their patriotism by putting an American flag on their vehicle. Journalist Andy Ngo shared some...

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This so-called fight to stop anti-Asian hate is to hide the anti-Asian hate coming from the radical left

We've seen a major uptick in rhetoric surrounding "anti-Asian" hate crimes. The key to that sentence is "rhetoric." That's not to say I don't believe there is a rise in anti-Asian hate, but the narrative is that it's coming from white supremacists. Mainstream media and Big Tech point to President Trump calling Covid-19 the "Wuhan Flu" or the...

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Victim blaming: After horrific carjacking murder, DC Mayor Bowser posts car safety tips

Update: She deleted the Tweet. Original Story: The "white supremacy" narrative must be maintained at all costs in the eyes of Democratic lawmakers. This is why crimes committed by people of color are suppressed while crimes committed by Caucasians are amplified. But narrative control isn't just about amplification and suppression of stories. The truly skilled Cultural Marxists...

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International conflict journalist Michael Yon says Antifa, BLM are ‘clearly cults’

You won't hear too many people talk about "conflict journalists." We've heard terms "war correspondents" and "embedded journalists," but a "conflict journalist" is different. They aren't just riding around in Humvees like most war correspondents. They're not just going to hotspots around the world mingling with criminal and often terrorist organizations. They're doing it all, and Michael Yon...

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Covering up for Hunter: Secret Service tried to intervene in Hunter Biden missing gun incident

According to a police report obtained by Politico, the Secret Service attempted to intervene in a bizarre domestic dispute between President Joe Biden’s son Hunter and daughter-in-law Hallie – widow of the late Beau Biden – with who Hunter was in a relationship with at the time. Article by Arsenio Toledo from Natural News. On Oct. 23, 2018, Hallie searched Hunter’s pickup truck,...

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