The pietism of Conservative Evangelical Leaders led to the Leftist overthrow of our country

Far too many pastors have enabled the Left to hijack the church for their sinister plot to conquer America through a wrong interpretation of Romans 13. By manipulating this passage, they’ve been able to enforce a form of pietism within the mainstream Evangelical Church that has essentially called off Christians from engaging in the culture war or in...

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The Conservative Black Cowboy Rob Harper exposes the Left’s hypocrisy with Cancel Culture and cries of racism

Cancel Culture has become the chief strategy among the Left’s corporations, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, to attempt to keep indefinite control of America. While Americans used to be ok with differences of opinions, that is no longer tolerable. You are expected to either go along with the mainstream narrative or you have no place in civil...

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It’s okay to be racist when…

 One of the tenets of Critical Race Theory is to see racism in everything. I talked about that in my ebook – “Racism Reimagined: How Critical Race Theory Imperils the American Workplace.” Whenever I see reports of hate crimes, I tend to be skeptical. This is not to say that hate crimes do not exist. They certainly do....

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