Stacey McDonald Discusses Mental Health Issues

Stacey McDonald joins Dr Mike Spaulding on this episode of Dr Mike Live to discuss mental health issues. To watch the entire episode, go to Please visit for all of Dr Mike Spaulding’s writings, shows, and books. Become a Freedom First TV subscriber to get full access to all the recordings of the FFTV exclusive shows,...

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Fred Coulter: We Now Are Witnessing The Wokeness Of Satan’s Society

"We now are witnessing the wokeness of Satan's society," said Fred Coulter of the Christian Biblical Church of God in Hollister, CA.  The Two Mikes were lucky to again host Fred Coulter and we got a learned and much-needed presentation from this estimable pastor and gentlemen. "People are lost," he said, "and the world is getting worse by the second." And how can people...

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The Lockdowns Unearthed American Cultural Rot

The Great Santini is a compelling cinematic character sketch of Bull Meechum, a fictional American fighter jet pilot during peacetime: a warrior without a war and therefore a misfit in polite society. At the movie’s end, Bull is killed when his jet catches fire during a practice flight. Before his aircraft crashes, Bull skillfully, heroically maneuvers the plane away...

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Pastor Cary Gordon Exposes The Sinister, Evil Plot to Send the Masses to Hell Through the Redefinition of Sin

Pastor Cary Gordon is the voice of the new documentary Enemies Within the Church, also produced by Judd Saul and Trevor Loudon. This is one of the most important Christian documentaries to ever be released, as it not only points out the dangers of the Marxist infiltration into the church, but exposes the false gospel they preach and...

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