Matt After Dark with Matt Couch & Friends: Brandon Straka, Kyle Seraphin, David Pollack, Chad Caton and More!

This episode of Matt After Dark features a free-for-all conversation between Matt Couch and Friends. Everyone from Brandon Straka to David Pollack to Kyle Seraphin to Chad Caton made appearances in this episode. Tune into Matt After Dark LIVE on X/Twitter Spaces every Tuesday and Thursday at 11pm ET. Are you looking for a natural and holistic approach...

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Where’s the Beef? Ranchers Take Stand Over Synthetic ‘Meat’ Label

American cattlemen are readying for a fight to protect the definition of the word meat from producers of synthetic cellular-based beef alternatives. “It’s a red line. It isn’t right that these factory-made products should be able to market and sell their products off the backs of the cattleman,” Justin Tupper, President of the United States Cattlemen’s Association, told...

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Best-Selling Britfield Author Chad Stewart: The Foundation is Shifting Underneath Hollywood and a Reckoning is Coming

Chad Stewart joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his youth fiction series Britfield, which has really taken hold among families around the world. This is evidence that people are starving for good story-telling with traditional values, as opposed to the woke garbage filling school libraries and Hollywood movies. During this conversation, Stewart shares his...

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Jack Cashill: The Government’s Desire is to Break Americans Away From Christianity

Today, The Two Mikes hosted Jack Kashel, a well-known author and documentary maker to discuss his new book “Untenable: The True Story of White Ethnic Flight from America’s Cities”. Mr. Kashel argues that the political currents of the 1960s linked all racial groups together with neither much thought about the future nor even how similar the groups actually...

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Is Social Justice Just?

 Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Wake-Forest University’s Professor of Economics, Robert Whaples. 

Professor Whaples recently edited and published a book of essays by accomplished academics that is called Is Social Justice Just? The book includes a forward by the incisive commentator Jordan Peterson.   Professor Whaples noted that part and parcel of the social justice movement (SJM) is the rejection of...

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“Woke” Society Will Collapse as Least Qualified Are Put in Charge of Everything

The consortium of systems that make the United States function – everything from transportation to mail service to food distribution – are falling apart with increasing speed the more society goes “woke.” System failures that in times past would have been unheard of, or at least exceptionally rare, are fast becoming the norm as unqualified people are elevated to positions...

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