Pastor Sam Jones: Involuntary Servitude – Now Available in Both Men’s and Women’s Sizes!

It has been weeks since the Cuban protestors stormed the streets of Havana with American flags. Roughly 500 of those protestors are currently missing from their friends and family. Supply chains in the US are continuing to find themselves thinning as materials and products are getting harder and harder to access for manufacturing. A Transgender is on the...

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Lessons From Black Rifle Coffee: Who are the PAYtriots vs the Patriots

Millions of conservatives across America are feeling betrayed by Black Rifle Coffee, who was a business bringing together America-loving patriots for the past several years. Because they appeared to push our values, we got behind them as a company. There’s too many big corporations out there like Starbucks who fund all of the typical leftist organizations, so those...

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After a Rapper is Murdered Exiting a Chicago Jail, why are we Still Targeting Good Guys With Guns?

Dave Workman is a researcher about guns, violence and law abiding citizens stopping criminals with their firearms. Workman is co-author with Alan Gottlieb of the book GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS. He works with the Second Amendment Foundation and sat down with the NOQ Report News Update to discuss the  appalling murder of Chicago rapper KTS Dre, (Londre Sylvester) that occurred shortly after...

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Youngest Bitcoin Millionaire Erik Finman Is Fighting Back Against Big Tech With the Release of the Freedom Phone

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mr. Erik Finman. Mr. Finman is an extraordinary, 22-year-old entrepreneur who made his fortune in Bitcoin by the time he was in his mid teens. He then developed and sold a successful education company, and today he is beginning to sell a product called the "Freedom Phone" which he and his engineers designed...

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John Henry Westen: Canadian Church Burnings

In the wars being waged with the left, outright falsehoods, half truths and the convenient historical ignorance among Western societies at large serves as a ready blank slate for Marxist exploitation narratives to be written upon. Witness the spate of vicious arson attacks on twenty Canadian churches (both Catholic and Protestant) and assaults on statuary that illustrate how ignorance...

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