Are Child Sacrifices to Molech and Baal Happening in America?

Unfathomable Molech and Baal child sacrifices are “ancient history,” right? Not so! Unfathomable child sacrifices continue unabated! Biblical and ancient history describes abominable practices and unfathomable rituals that were dedicated to the idol gods Molech and Baal. Rituals to these gods required live sacrifices of children. Innocent, defenseless children were put into fiery furnaces and burned to death...

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The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

The State of the Union is Unprecedentedly Bleak… Unfortunately, the GOP Isn’t Offering Any Solutions

As Joe Biden prepares to read his State of the Union Address that was written for him by his handlers that is sure to be filled with lies, gaslighting and propaganda, Jeff Dornik breaks apart the actual state of the union. Unfortunately, with covid, election fraud, illegal immigration, Chinese spy balloons, war in Ukraine and the ushering in...

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The Way DeSantis Is Dealing With Disney Is the Roadmap for All Conservative Lawmakers

Editor's Commentary: One does not have to be a fan of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to appreciate what his administration is doing to Disney. They are taking away the special privileges granted to Disney all those decades ago, privileges that have empowered the woke company to stay as woke as possible. Now that repercussions are coming, will they...

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Denise McAllister: Conservatives Can’t Win the Transgender Fight if We Concede on Homosexuality

Conservatives and even Christians have largely conceded the fight over homosexuality. However, these same people are attempting to fight against transgenderism. As Denise McAllister explained during this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, the root issue for both comes down to identity. If you concede the identity of the personal claiming homosexuality, you must also accept the transgender...

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