Leaked images from inside migrant centers reveal conditions that are as bad as we thought

It's "kids in cages" all over again, only worse this time. Project Veritas released images they obtained from the recently built migrant "housing" facility in Donna, Texas. They are utterly horrifying as children are crammed inside holding bins with "space blankets" covering them, often from head to toe. These are not the types of living conditions the Biden...

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Biden’s border crisis: 2021 on pace for more unaccompanied children than Trump’s four years combined

565. That's the number of unaccompanied migrant children that have been crossing the southern border every day... that we know of. We cannot be sure that all of them are being recorded or apprehended. We also cannot be sure that the numbers are accurate as the Biden administration has been conspicuously opaque when it comes to releasing any...

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Biden administration blatantly hiding border crisis numbers because they’re just that bad

How bad are things at the border? How much of the illegal immigrant surge is blowing right past the southern states and spreading across the nation's interior? How many of them have entered the United States without being tested for Covid-19? These are all valid questions, to which we are receiving zero answers from the Biden administration. In...

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