The Globalists are Collapsing the Southern Border to Enable the Food Crisis

Globalists and Technocrats to Collapse Southern Border & Enable Food Crisis War is being waged in the Ukraine and Russia. Yet, the real attack is occurring stateside in the U.S. The border is a an open funnel of surging illegal immigration and cartel control. America's enemies and supposed allies are engaging in taking down the petrodollar while Communists...

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Man Who Allegedly Killed His Three Kids and Self Was an Illegal Alien With an Unlawful Firearm Who Was Just Released from Jail

When news broke earlier this week that a man had killed his three kids, himself, and one other person in California, gun-grabbers instantly started chanting about gun control laws needing to be strengthened even though California has some of the worst laws in the country. But there were indications that he may have been an illegal alien and...

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Election Fraud Fighter Josh Barnett on why He’s Running for Congress

Arizona District One Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett sat down with Matt Couch on The Matt Couch Show to discuss his campaign for Congress in Arizona. Josh has been a staunch fighter for not only Arizona but multiple states with Congressional expert David Jose, as the two have even written a book about the election integrity issues in America. Watch as two...

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Kari Lake: “We’re Going to Blow Up These Tunnels Under the Border Wall… and I Don’t Care If There’s a Drug Trafficker in the Tunnel When We Take it Down”

To say our nation is in a state of crisis is like saying the sky is blue. Everyone knows it even if some try to excuse away the multiple challenges we face. I've said for months that the various crises before us are not being properly addressed by Democrats while most Republican lawmakers do little to counter them....

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Congressional Candidate Richard Welch: The GOP Is Enabling Sex Trafficking By Not Ending Illegal Immigration When They Had A Chance

Sex trafficking is one of the most rampant yet underreported crimes in our country. More than likely, it’s because many of our political and cultural leaders are involved in it in one way or another. Luckily, the past couple of years we’ve seen an uptick in awareness about this awful crime. To a certain degree, however, the focus...

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TX-17 Candidate Jason “Storm” Nelson Forced Out of Military Just Months Short of Retirement Due to Vax Mandate

Our military service members deserve our utmost respect, as they’ve literally sacrificed everything to defend America, the Constitution and each and every one of us. Unfortunately, many are turning a blind eye to the abusive treatment of servicemen under the Alleged President’s Regime, specifically when it comes to the Vaccine Mandate. Jason “Storm” Nelson is running for Congress...

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Kenny Xu: Harvard Discriminates Against Asians For Being Too Smart and Working Too Hard

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Kenny Xu an author and activist in the cause of returning fairness to school admissions. He also wrote a new and excellent investigative article about the Salvation Army wrecking itself by adopting a policy of strongly anti-White wokeness. Mr. Xu has been active in the fighting Harvard Univerity's longstanding policy of discriminating against...

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