The McInerney Report: The Biden Regime is Deliberately Permitting Fentanyl to Come Across the Border

Today's "General McInerney Update" on The Two Mikes was quick and ominous.  General McInerney reported that he has information that the Biden administration is deliberately permitting as much fentanyl as possible to enter the United States from Mexico. The Chinese remain the Cartels' chief suppliers of the drug and the chemical precursors that are needed to manufacture it in Mexico. He also...

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Wealthy Open Border Elitists Wail Over Property Intrusion While the Globe Deteriorates

As inflation continues to increase the world economy begins to contract. Through the detrimental policies of an occupying Marxist regime in the branches of the U.S. government regular people begin to suffer financially. Taxpayers begin to lose more footing in their lives and the starvation that looms grows closer in time. The world energy crisis begins to take...

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Border Bombshell Report: Nelson Balido Connects The Dots

Nelson Balido was the Two Mikes' guest today, and he very clearly and starkly laid out the still growing, Biden-made disaster for America that is occurring on its southern border. Mr. Balido is the president of the Border, Commerce , and Security Council.  He said that anyone who says the open-border problem is "subsiding" is a liar; the total number of illegal aliens entering...

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As the Border Surges Americans Face the Future of Foodless | Pastor Leon Benjamin | In the Mouth of Madness

As wind turbines fail, the heat continues to rise in America. Blackouts are occurring. Water rationing occurs in areas where it's never happening. The supply chain crisis is picking up steam. Now, the food shortage is becoming more apparent as we near an economic collapse never seen in the U.S. How is the Biden administration and world powers...

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The Globalists are Collapsing the Southern Border to Enable the Food Crisis

Globalists and Technocrats to Collapse Southern Border & Enable Food Crisis War is being waged in the Ukraine and Russia. Yet, the real attack is occurring stateside in the U.S. The border is a an open funnel of surging illegal immigration and cartel control. America's enemies and supposed allies are engaging in taking down the petrodollar while Communists...

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