Coverup: Huge Houston migrant facility for teen girls abruptly shut down and nobody’s saying why

A migrant facility near Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston was inexplicably shut down over the weekend after opening earlier this month. At least one staffer is reportedly dead following an "incident" Friday, but the Biden administration claims the closure is unrelated to the death. The migrants were quickly bussed away Saturday to locations unknown. Little is being said...

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Biden’s border dreams crumble

Whatever hopes were invested in President Biden being the man of the moment to take control of the southern U.S. border have been truly dashed. Lurching from one crisis to another, the belabored commander in chief is now facing more than just an influx of migrants that he didn’t expect; he is facing an existential danger to his presidency. Article...

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Immigration insanity: Democrats pushing amnesty through… infrastructure budget reconciliation?

The purpose of budget reconciliation rules in the Senate is to allow the money to continue to flow to where it's needed. That's why it bypasses filibuster rules and only requires a majority for passage. But the criteria to qualify for budget reconciliation are pretty strict and requires approval by the parliamentarian. This isn't always easy. After all,...

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