Kenny Xu: Harvard Discriminates Against Asians For Being Too Smart and Working Too Hard

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Kenny Xu an author and activist in the cause of returning fairness to school admissions. He also wrote a new and excellent investigative article about the Salvation Army wrecking itself by adopting a policy of strongly anti-White wokeness. Mr. Xu has been active in the fighting Harvard Univerity's longstanding policy of discriminating against...

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Stephen Willeford: This Invasion Is On “President” Biden! 

Stephen Willeford of the Second Amendment Foundation ( ) sat down with the Bill McIntosh Show to offer his jaw dropping reports from America's Southern Border with Mexico at Roma, Texas as well as report on the NY State gun rights case New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen before the US Supreme Court. The naked truth is that what...

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Andre DiMino: Attacks on Christopher Columbus are Rooted in Hatred for Italian-Americans

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mr. Andre DiMino who is a member of the Executive Board of the Italian American One Voice Coalition (IAOVC). The Coalition's website is Mr. DiMino explained that IAOVC operates to protect the reputations and heritage of Italian Americans and to prevent attacks on them like the removal of statues of Christopher Columbus...

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