Days After Exposing New World Order in Bombshell Interview, Anti-Vaxx Doctor Carrie Madej’s Plane Mysteriously Crashed

A plane carrying Dr. Carrie Madej and her boyfriend crashed on Sunday, leaving both in the ICU. It occurred less than a week after I interviewed her, during which she revealed connections between the Metaverse, Covid jabs, and the depopulation agenda of the New World Order. The video had over 150K views when her plane crashed. It was...

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Dr Mark Sherwood Warns That We’re Going to See Abortions INCREASE After Overturning Roe v Wade

Oklahoma Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Dr Mark Sherwood is probably the most pro-life political candidate in America. Not only does he say that life begins at conception, but he argues that life actually begins BEFORE conception. Newsweek called him an extremist because of this position. In response to the Supreme Court overturning Roe v Wade, he’s warning that our...

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Deceptive Americans and UN Leftists Use Courts to Steal Children and Adults

Everyone remembers the 90s when across America parents were being falsely accused of criminal activity toward children. Under the Clintons' adherence to the UN Rights to the Child, parental rights were being stripped away. Today the court system is largely profitable with lawfare and that includes the system being used to take children away from parents. The foster...

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Pastor Cary Gordon Exposes The Sinister, Evil Plot to Send the Masses to Hell Through the Redefinition of Sin

Pastor Cary Gordon is the voice of the new documentary Enemies Within the Church, also produced by Judd Saul and Trevor Loudon. This is one of the most important Christian documentaries to ever be released, as it not only points out the dangers of the Marxist infiltration into the church, but exposes the false gospel they preach and...

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Wayne Allyn Root Says Donald Trump Is Considering Running… for Speaker of the House

Few journalists have interviewed Donald Trump as often as nationally syndicated radio host Wayne Allyn Root. They are more than just acquaintances with a journalist-celebrity relationship. They are friends, which is why it's no surprise Trump wanted to talk to Root privately about the possibility of the President running for Speaker of the House. It's a theory that...

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