Fourth Watch Files with Carl Crew

The Deceptive Religion of Flat Earth

In honor of our audience, Carl and Bryan return to another Flat Earth discussion to answer comments from our last episode. There are so many facets of this ancient subject that we felt it necessary to address other areas in the religion of Flat Earth.   Going back to maps from the 15th century and on to the present day, the ”facts” that this religion rests upon are...

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Do You Have Objects in Your Home That Open Demonic Portals?

Carl welcomes back Bryan Sadler from DEMONSLAYERZ.COM to open Pandoras Box of idol worship. The proliferation of idols is overwhelming and literally all around us whether we recognize them or not. It is incredibly important to distinguish their threats to our spiritual intimacy with the living God by identifying these potential dangers. Beginning with the most iconic and...

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Dr Mike Spaulding: The Phrase “Conspiracy Theory” was Coined by the CIA as Damage Control Against FOIA Requests

Conspiracies have been around since the dawn of time yet today these so called theories are becoming a reality as we speak. We first became aware of these crazy stories from the so called ‘fringe’ groups, but over time they’ve made it into main stream news with a total disregard of any authenticity or truth. The phrase ‘Conspiracy...

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Aleister Crowley, Jack Parsons and L. Ron Hubbard Opened Up A Portal To The Demonic Realm That’s Completely Taken Over

‘Slain Scientist Priest in Black Magic Cult’ read one headline after the death of John Whiteside Parsons on June 17, 1952. By the late 1930s, he had started attending nightly meetings at an occult society called Ordo Templi Orientis that met in nearby Los Angeles. The OTO, as it is known, was created by the English occultist Aleister...

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