Paul Craig Roberts: More Evidence That the Covid Conspiracy Theory Is a Fact

The coercive practices of restricting movement of people and compulsory Covid vaccination are spreading throughout formerly free countries.  Germany has now joined Austria, Italy, and Australia in resurrecting the Third Reich. The rush to totalitarianism is inexplicable according to the official narrative.  All health authorities now acknowledge that the mRNA “vaccines” do not prevent infection and do not prevent the...

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Liberty University Professor Charged and Arrested, for Kidnapping and Sexual Battery

Liberty University Professor Charged and Arrested for Kidnapping and Sexual Battery In a very sad story Protestia reports that a professor at Liberty University has been arrested and charged with kidnapping and sexual battery. “Police have arrested a professor with Liberty University for sexual battery and kidnapping charges following an incident involving a student back in September, according...

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WA Dictator Jay Inslee: We Will ‘Be Active’ Against ‘Omnicraw’ . . . ‘No Matter What the Science Tells Us’

There are two clear takeaways from the video below of Washington Governor Jay Inslee discussing the Omicron "scariant" of Covid-19. First, he knows nothing about the disease itself, using four different pronunciations of "Omicron-Omicraw-Ohmicron-Omnicron" in the short speech. Second, he said the quiet part out loud when he declared they're going to act against it "no matter what...

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Dr Vladimir Zelenko: Covid Is A BioWeapon, The Poison Death Shot Is Premeditated Mass Murder And We’re In World War III

Covid-19 was not an accident. The supposed “vaccines” are more dangerous than the virus it’s claimed to treat. Both are being used by the powers-that-be for sinister reasons. These are all facts that would get someone labeled a conspiracy theorist. However, when these facts are true, we become conspiracy analysts. Dr Vladimir Zelenko is a doctor who has...

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Josh Barnett and David Jose: Everyone’s Ignoring That Our Founding Fathers Wrote How To Fix The 2020 Election

There are a lot of conservatives that talk a big game. However, there’s rarely any action. Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett and David Jose break that mold, leading the charge to force the Arizona Audit and protecting businesses from the tyrannical lockdown mandates. They are doers, not just talkers, which sets them apart from the rest of the politicians...

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