Bottled Fiji Water Sold Specifically on Amazon Recalled for Contamination With Metals, Bacteria

(Natural News)—Natural Waters of Viti Limited has voluntarily recalled more than 78,500 cases of Fiji Natural Artesian Water after tests revealed the presence of manganese and three different strains of bacteria. Affected lots of the water were sold only on Amazon between February 1 and March 3 of this year – if you did not buy Fiji water on...

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Shocking Study Preprint Reveals Myocarditis and Pericarditis Only Appear AFTER Covid Jabs

(The Epoch Times)—Myocarditis and pericarditis only occur after vaccination and not after COVID-19 infection, according to a recent preprint led by researchers at Oxford University, which compared health outcomes among COVID-vaccinated and unvaccinated children. “Whilst rare, all myocarditis and pericarditis events during the study period occurred in vaccinated individuals,” the authors wrote. There were no deaths from myocarditis...

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“I Risked My Life for This?”: Veterans Furious Over VA Doctor Shortages

(Based Underground Newsletter)—Veterans who have dedicated their lives to serving our nation are now facing an alarming crisis: the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is drastically reducing the number of doctors available to them. This troubling development has sparked outrage among veterans and their advocates, raising concerns about the quality and accessibility of healthcare for those who have...

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NHS Bosses Use a Four-Step Playbook to Eliminate Healthcare Whistleblowers Concerned About Patient Safety

(Natural News) - When patients were being pumped full of Remdesivir, sedated and put on ventilators, healthcare professionals were largely afraid to speak up. Even though patients were being denied efficacious treatments; even though their organs were damaged while they were isolated and left to die, most doctors and nurses stood by and said nothing. Doctors and nurses...

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Dr Jim Thorp Accuses Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine of Killing Babies

Subscribe to on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a shocking and eye-opening episode of Battlefront: Frontline, host Dustin Faulkner brings to light the explosive claims of Dr. Jim Thorp, who alleges that the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is responsible for the deaths of babies. Dr. Thorp, a renowned obstetrician and gynecologist with decades of...

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The Madness Continues: Chinese Scientists Create Mutant Ebola Virus

Apparently, the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic haven’t been learned. Dangerous biolab experiments continue – humanity be damned. According to the Daily Mail,  Chinese scientists have engineered a virus with parts of Ebola in a lab that killed a group of hamsters. A team of researchers at Hebei Medical University used a contagious disease of livestock and added a protein found...

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