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Big Tech Beast System?: Technology Tycoons Are More Than Capable of Influencing Society on a Worldwide Scale

(Harbinger's Daily)—Most people have heard of the James Webb space telescope. It was launched in 2021, and is parked at an orbital location over 900,000 miles from earth. This space telescope mirror is over five times larger than the Hubble mirror and way more advanced. As Director of Prophecy Watchers’ own “Psalm 19 Project” observatory, I am awed by...

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As the US Military Goes Woke, China Could Surpass It Sooner Than Expected

(International Man)—Did you know the US Army missed its recent recruiting goal by 25% or 60,000 new soldiers? It’s the worst recruiting crisis for the Pentagon since the end of the draft in 1973. Even families with military backgrounds, typically the source of most recruits, are becoming less inclined to endorse military life. Polls have shown an overly...

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‘2030 Is When the Merge Happens,’ OpenAI President Tells Netanyahu of Coming Man-Machine Merger

(All Israel News)—In a recent discussion with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, OpenAI President Greg Brockman expressed his belief that 2029 will see the emergence of artificial general intelligence (AGI) — AI that reaches and then far surpasses human-level intelligence. He further stated that in 2030, humanity and artificial intelligence will merge. Brockman — whose company OpenAI is widely...

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Radical San Francisco District Supervisor Who Pushed #DefundThePolice Is Now Begging for More Police

"Be careful what you wish for." Radical Democrat Hillary Ronen strongly supported defunding police in 2020, as did pretty much every Democrat politician in the nation. It was the easiest way to stay hip, cool, and woke back then. Now that those who got their way are seeing first-hand what defunding police actually does to their districts, they're...

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ANOTHER Clinton Kill List Victim Died From ‘Turbulence’ Over the Weekend

The long list of people associated with the Clinton Crime Family has a new addition, and once again the circumstances surrounding the death are bizarre. I discussed this briefly on today's episode of The JD Rucker Show. According to Trending Politics: On Monday, authorities identified the woman who passed away after a business jet encountered severe turbulence...

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