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Police Discover Proof These College “Protests” Are Domestic Terrorist Recruitment Events

University protesters advocating for Palestinian rights have been found to be distributing pro-Hamas propaganda that supports the genocide of Jews and the elimination of Israel, according to evidence discovered on campuses across the United States. At the University of Texas in Austin, police uncovered a cache of disturbing material hidden among art supplies at a protest encampment. The...

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Google Patent Portends Massive AI Upgrade to ‘Misinformation’ Suppression

(Discern Report)—Google and their various properties like YouTube have become the central command for the Globalist Elite Cabal's war against the truth. Using a combination of censorship, gaslighting, suppression of "dangerous" truths, and amplification of lies, the tech giant operates in the trenches of the information war that is being fought on the internet. Now, they're advancing their...

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Parents Sue School District for Secretly Trans-Brainwashing Their Child

(Discern TV)—A lawsuit filed on Monday by the Alliance Defending Freedom claims that the Rockford Public School District of Michigan has violated the First and Fourteenth Amendment rights of two parents. Dan and Jennifer Mead, on whose behalf the ADF is filing the lawsuit, discovered last October that school district staff had been referring to their daughter using...

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Hamas and Anti-Zionists Are Indoctrinating More Every Day – The JD Rucker Show

The information war is being fought on the streets, in schools, and on the airwaves. Support for Israel's quest to rid the world of Hamas terrorists is starting to fade. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham is running cover for Joe Biden. The Chinese Communist Party wields climate change hysteria to take out our food supply. Artificial intelligence is becoming more...

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CFR Waging War on Anti-Globalism: Everyone Who Opposes Enslavement Must Be Subdued

(Natural News)—There is growing public and even national backlash against globalism, so much so that the globalist-controlled Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), which boasts members like former Saddleback Church "pastor" Rick Warren, is making moves to crack down on these anti-globalist sentiments. In case you did not know, the CFR is America's foreign policy think tank. It is a long-established...

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Economic Collapse, Council for Inclusive Capitalism, and Jonathan Rose – The JD Rucker Show

On today's episode of The JD Rucker Show, the conspiracies are getting deeper. Or, to me accurate, we're diving deeper into conspiracies, especially as they pertain to the economy. We covered the Council for Inclusive Capitalism who are the "tip of the spear" for the Globalist Elite Cabal. WE noted a growing conspiracy surrounding government censorship... twice. Rice...

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