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Arizona Child “Protective” Services Are The Pimps Of Child Sex Slave Trafficking, Legal Kidnapping & Sacrificing Children to Molech

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In the latest episode of "Jesus Rocks" hosted by Lucy DiGrazia, the spotlight is turned on Arizona's Child Protective Services (CPS) in a shocking exposé that unravels the disturbing allegations of child sex slave trafficking, legal kidnapping, and the grim specter of child sacrifice....

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Child Protective Services Is A Child Sex Slave Trafficking & Money Laundering Operation In Every State

In a riveting and chilling episode of Jesus Rocks hosted by the fearless Lucy DiGrazia, the veil is lifted on a sinister reality that demands the attention of conservative Christians across the nation. Brace yourselves for the most brutal, eye-opening installment yet, as Lucy fearlessly delves into the depths of a shocking revelation: Child Protective Services (CPS) as...

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Monsters Inc and Beyond: Lucy DiGrazia’s Deep Dive into Child Sacrifice, Adrenochrome, and Satanic Agendas

In a riveting episode of Jesus Rocks with Lucy DiGrazia, the fiery host delves into a topic that sends shivers down the spine – "The Worldwide Demonic Movement to Sacrifice Our Children (Their Minds, Bodies & Souls)." The episode takes an unflinching look at various conspiracy theories, including connections to the Monsters Inc Disney movie, adrenochrome, the Mothers...

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Why Do We Think What We Think, Is Really Our Thinking? Worldview Is . . . Everything! What’s Yours?

Lucy DiGrazia is going to deliver the most eye-opening & reality check episode yet. The TRUTH is something "they" have been hiding from us our entire lives & NOW you're going to hear it. 📣 "Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high-sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this...

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The Ministry Of Truth Is In Full Force Lead By Both The Democrat & Republican Parties… The Uniparty

The Ministry of Truth, Mockingbird Media Montage, Biblical Truth, Gender Insanity, Spiritual Battle, Healing Our Land, Mari-Corruption County Election Demons & SO many Scriptures! Remember, our entire society is run by Demons & they follow a Satanic agenda which needs YOUR children to be sacrificed - Mind, Body & Soul! The gloves are off so grab your bible,...

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