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The Ridiculous Overuse of World War II Narratives in Discussions of Contemporary Events

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In a thought-provoking episode of Old Fashioned Democrats, host José delves into the controversial topic of the overuse of World War II narratives in contemporary discourse. Joined by special guest Janet from Jewish Voice for Peace, the duo pulls back the curtain on the...

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Does the Young Dallas Protesters Prove That the Conservative Youth Movement and Zionism are Both Doomed?

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. The vast difference between the callously glib superficiality of conservative stars like Allie Beth Stuckey and the heartfelt, forceful analysis of young pro-Palestinian voices has convinced me that the die is cast. The pro-Palestinian left owns the future. I will let the voices of...

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Deciphering Christian Zionism with Fellow Evangelical Jory Micah

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. As Israel’s violent conflict in Gaza dominates the news, the term “Zionism” has become a commonplace in discussion. Most recently, for instance, the United States House of Representatives passed measures by wide margins affirming Zionist principles and denouncing anti-Zionism as antisemitism. In this episode...

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On Israel, Feelings Don’t Care about Facts

On Israel, Feelings Don’t Care about Facts

In this episode, Old-Fashioned Democrat looks at the whirling debates about Israel. Radioactive, heated, and usually irrational, the public conversation about Israel and her endless conflicts with neighbors has been half tragedy and half farce. As José points out, many of the people (on both sides of the political spectrum) who have built careers on being rational and...

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Can the Democrat Party Harness the Power of Government for the Common Man?

This is the maiden voyage of a show celebrating the long-lost values of the mid-twentieth century Democratic party. José Vasco, born into a hardcore Democratic family, hit a roadblock when the party seemed to abandon its working-class concerns and instead got mired in neoliberal identity politics. José then made a jump to conservative Republicans for over a decade,...

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