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David Rubin says Americans need to oppose BLM rhetoric and support the traditional family

Americans can learn a lot about how to handle today's challenges by looking at how Israel has handled theirs throughout history. They haven't done everything perfectly, but they've stayed true to their core values, including the need for a strong, traditional family to be the core of their existence. We recently had the honor of sitting down with...

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Netanyahu shines after Mossad sabotaged Iranian nuclear facility on ‘National Nuclear Technology Day’

Iran's top uranium enrichment facility was hit with a major "power outage" today that resulted in the complete shutdown of the huge complex. Initial reports from Iran of the event at the Natanz nuclear plant being "unexplained" quickly turned to accusations of sabotage by Israel. There has been no confirmation from Israel, nor will they be. Unlike other...

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Israel’s elections again yield uncertain political results

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel’s longest serving prime minister, appears to have eked out a slim electoral victory in the March 23 parliamentary elections, but he faces a difficult task in forming a coalition government for the seventh time. Article by James Phillips from Daily Signal. Netanyahu’s conservative Likud Party won the largest number of seats in the Knesset, Israel’s...

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In Afghanistan, cultural realities defeat gender equality efforts

The United States has been mired in Afghanistan since 2001, and few see much evidence that there has been anything passing as “achieving broader U.S. strategic objectives.” In his insightful article back in November 2018, Liberty Nation’s Andrew Moran put the U.S. Afghanistan presence in context, explaining: “The United States is spending less than at the height of the war – $112.7...

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