Ricardo Martins Reveals How Brazil’s Election Results and Mass Protests Affect You

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Brazil to protest power corruption and election results in the country. They are blocking traffic, highways, and standing their ground against armed threats. Why are they so desperate to risk everything to do this? What must we learn from their example? Brazilian-born expert, Pastor, and Activist, Ricardo...

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Cara Castronuova: The Democrats, Their Terrorist Groups And The FBI Staged The False Flag Event on January 6th

Today, The Two Mikes again discussed the continuing and unconstitutional incarceration of 6 January 2021 demonstrators with Cara Castronuova, the leader of a growing organization named Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP). Ms. Castronuova explained that there has been no improvement in the treatment of the political prisoners, with the solitary confinement, filthy conditions, and physical abuse remaining the...

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BLM Doubles-Down on Smollett Support and Calls to Abolish Police as 12 Major Cities Hit All-Time High Murder Numbers

There's an uncomfortable truth about Black Lives Matter that needs to be stated up front. The policies they support and the demands they make invariably promote more crime and increased murders of Black people. That's an indisputable fact. Whenever BLM gets their way politically, it means more Black people will die due to massive increases in violent crime...

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Michael Letts: Sorry Marxist Agitators, Cops Are Entitled to Protection from Lawsuits

The Bill McIntosh Show sat down with Michael Letts of In-Vest USA  (​​)​ to discuss the recent Supreme court cases involving the protection of qualified immunity for law enforcement professionals. The very idea that family members, for example, of perpetrators can sue police over alleged excessive use of force while arresting or neutralizing their miscreant kin should make all...

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