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A Blind Eye: How CBS Wages a Culture War Against Judeo-Christian Values and the White Employees Who Hold to Them

“And that's the way it is.” - Walter Cronkite, CBS News anchor 1961-1982 Those words were, for most Americans, synonymous with CBS News for a span of decades that saw historic, tumultuous events, from the assassination of a sitting U.S. president and the Apollo moon mission to Vietnam and Watergate and everything in between. “That’s the way it...

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100% ‘Vaccinated’ NFL Team Loses Their Head Coach, Two Assistants, the GM, and Two Players Due to Covid

The Arizona Cardinals are the last undefeated team in the National Football league, but they will have to try to keep their unbeaten streak going without their head coach. Kliff Kingsbury became the first coach to miss a game over Covid protocols. All players and coaches on the team are "fully vaccinated," which brings into question (as it...

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Gary Sheffield Jr Explains Why NBA Stars LeBron James & Draymond Green Are Taking A Stand For Medical Freedom

Many conservatives, myself included, have stopped watching professional sports over the past year-and-a-half, due to the constant preaching of leftist propaganda. We saw the NBA cover their courts in “The Bubble” with Black Lives Matter logos. The San Francisco Giants have painted on their baseball field the slogan “Vax Up”. We want to watch sports to escape, not...

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Netflix Takes ‘My Little Pony’ Down the Woke Trail of Cultural Marxism and Critical Race Theory

Children's shows have always been a tool for indoctrination. There was a time when they were used to instill certain mindsets that were relatively harmless, but over the last decade or so they have turned into perverse drivers of anti-American, anti-Biblical sentiment. Then, there are the social justice warriors among the indoctrinators that attempt to paint society as...

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Broadway’s ‘Aladdin’ Performs One Show Before Covid Outbreak of ‘Fully-Vaccinated’ Cast Shuts Them Down Again

The Broadway musical "Aladdin" had been shut down for 18-months until this week when they triumphantly performed a show Tuesday. But the Wednesday night show had to be canceled because of an outbreak of Covid-19 breakthrough cases was detected. The cast and crew, fully vaccinated per New York City's, Broadway's, and Disney's mandates, still fell to Covid-19. It's...

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DWTS Dancer Cheryl Burke Can’t Believe She Contracted COVID-19 Despite Being Fully-Vaxxed

As time goes on, it’s becoming more apparent that the vaccines are not nearly as effective as “Doctor” Anthony Fauci and the Health “Experts” claim. There are so many breakthrough cases of fully-vaccinated people still contracting COVID-19, I don’t know how anybody could think that those who have gotten The Jab are actually immune or even protected. Dancing...

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