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Ex-Music Industry Insider Landon Starbuck on the Mutilation of Our Children

Join Mr. Seth Holehouse with Landon Starbuck as they discuss the mutilation of American children. As democrats continue to support the murder of our children through abortion efforts at the state level, they continue their efforts to dismantle the American family by pushing the mutilation of our children through transgender surgery. The socialist left continues their efforts to...

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Kevin Sorbo Reveals How Hollywood is CRUMBLING, and Righteous Entertainment is Rising

Hollywood is out of control and they’re level of embarrassment has reached new heights. Between Lebron James fighting for racial injustice in America, all the while is shoes are being made my children in child labour camps in communist China, where he stands for their flag too! Or how Alyssa Milano sells her tesla and leaves twitter to...

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“Passion of the Christ” Director and Star Speak Out Against Hollywood Executives Trafficking Kids for Adrenochrome

Is the blood of terrorized children a form of currency in Hollywood? According to Mel Gibson, star of Brave Heart and Lethal Weapon, Hollywood is just institutionalized pedophilia, where the elites break “every God-given taboo known to man, including the sanctity of children.” Apparently, it’s an open secret in Hollywood that the ultra-rich, yet still power-hungry elites, have religious ceremonies where...

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