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Culture Dictates Politics: Taylor Swift Could Impact the Outcome of the 2024 Presidential Election

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In the ever-evolving landscape of politics, the recent episode of "Voice of the Working Man" with Matt Locke took a closer look at the intriguing scenario of global pop sensation Taylor Swift potentially impacting the 2024 Presidential election. For MAGA Republicans who may harbor...

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‘I… Believe in the Power of Prayer’: Actress Roma Downey on God, Tragedy, and Trust

(CBN)—Actress and producer Roma Downey has built a long career in Hollywood creating TV and film content that inspires and entertains. The "Touched By An Angel" star has also carried her uplifting, family-friendly messages into literary works, including a new children's book, "A Message in the Moon." Downey said her touching new book is deeply personal, with the...

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Hidden in Plain Sight: Nicole Nogrady Exposes the Illuminati Symbolism and Satanic Rituals Within the Music Industry

 Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. I recently had the opportunity to sit down with the incredibly talented Nicole Nogrady, whose latest single, "Modern Day Holy War," has sparked a fervent discussion about the battle between good and evil in our world today. This isn't your typical radio pop...

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Chad Stewart’s Vision for Empowering Young Minds

In a compelling episode of Liberty Monks, renowned author, educator, and global strategist Chad Stewart takes center stage to share his fervent mission to save the future of our children. With an emphasis on the critical role of guidance, education, and creativity in children's lives, Stewart articulates his vision for a future where young minds thrive through parental...

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Building the Tapestry of History: Dan Perkins’ ‘Sad Eyes’ Sheds Light on Unsung Women Warriors

Step into the captivating world of "Sad Eyes: Book One: 1912 to 1939: A Nurse's love of her country during WW II" as The Two Mikes engage in a riveting interview with the accomplished author, Dan Perkins. With six novels and three children's books under his belt, Perkins unveils his latest literary masterpiece, offering readers a glimpse into...

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Was the “Gold Juice” Actress Taryn Manning Alleges Was Given to Orange is the New Black Cast Actually Adrenochrome?

Many conspiracy theorists have been talking about the deep, dark secrets of Hollywood for many years. One of the big conspiracy theories revolves around adrenochrome, which is created from the blood of children and babies sacrificed in occultic rituals. As the theory goes, these kids are tortured and ultimately killed in a way where their adrenaline spikes, thus...

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