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Could “Greater Idaho” Become a Reality?

As political tensions in the United States continue to escalate, a bold and ambitious movement is gaining traction in the Pacific Northwest: the push for Greater Idaho. This initiative aims to redraw state boundaries, allowing conservative-leaning rural counties in Oregon to join the neighboring state of Idaho. Advocates argue this realignment would better reflect the political and cultural...

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Commiefornia Ignores Radioactive Waste Dumped Into the Ocean While Spending Billions on “Green” Initiatives

(Natural News)—Federal and state officials in California are allegedly ignoring the radioactive waste dumped into the Pacific Ocean off the Southern California coast, even after new reports reveal it is even worse than expected. According to the Los Angeles Times, researchers discovered that the thousands of barrels of dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) disposed of into the ocean were not contained...

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A Hurricane-Force Wind Warning Is Issued as a Monster Storm Begins to Dump 8 Trillion Gallons of Rain on California

(End of the American Dream)—Okay, this is starting to get really weird.  First, we had a “thousand year storm” which caused catastrophic flooding in San Diego.  Subsequently, a “Pineapple Express” storm absolutely soaked the entire state on Wednesday and Thursday.  Now, a “bomb cyclone” is in the process of dumping 8 trillion gallons of rain on California over...

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Exiled by the GOP: Constitution Party’s Rebel WV Gubernatorial Nominee S. Marshall Wilson on Why He Ditched Republicans

Tune in LIVE to The Jeff Dornik Show every day at 8pm ET! I recently had the privilege of sitting down with S. Marshall Wilson, the Constitution Party's nominee for Governor of West Virginia, during an episode of The Jeff Dornik Show. Wilson's journey from a Republican state delegate to a rebel gubernatorial nominee reveals a tale of...

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Tyrannical Mari-Corruption County Just Can’t Help Their Demonic Selves & The AZGOP Is Their BFF… Stand Up To Take Back America

Tyrannical Mari-Corruption County Board of Supervisors (BOS) Just Don't Give A Crap What The People Want, They're Silencing Our Voices & The AZGOP Is Working Hand In Hand With Them. DO NOT GIVE THEM OR ANY CANDIDATES/POLITICIANS ANY MONEY! + Lots Of Devil State Updates - Including an ELECTION BOMBSHELL!

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Arizona Calls For The Armed Forces Of The United States To Do Their Job & Protect Us From Enemies… the Grassroots!

Daniel Wood – The Constitution King. On Wednesday, He Delivered A Public Declaration – A Writ Of Quo Warranto for The Armed Forces Of The United States To Do Their Job & Protect Us From Enemies. Worried about what’s going on in world? Want to be prepared for whatever might happened, but don’t know where to get started?...

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FBI Whistleblower Nate Cain Takes On Establishment GOP Candidate and Former Employee of The Podesta Group Riley Moore in WV Congressional Race

It’s not even a debate anymore when it comes to whether the Federal Government has gone full-on authoritarian. They’ve shredded the United States Constitution to pieces. The question is whether we can put it back together again. We need America First candidates that are willing to take on the corrupt system within our Federal Government. We’re seeing Big...

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RINO Wyoming Governor Gordon Shows His True Colors

In typical fashion for a RINO, Wyoming's "Republican" governor Mark Gordon did a complete about face (as he is prone to do) last week when speaking on the East Coast at Harvard University. Addressing Harvard's ultra-left "Kennedy Institute of Politics," Gordon went into full AOC climate hysteria mode, insisting that Americans, and Wyomingites in particular, need to forfeit...

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