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Is Our Fight Against Big Pharma’s Bioweapon Being Sabotaged From Within?

It’s been frustrating seeing how unorganized and undisciplined the fight against tyranny has been over the past several years. Nothing ever came of the fight to expose the 2020 Election Fraud. Nor have we gotten justice for the J6 prisoners whose Constitutional Rights have been severely violated. And then there’s the fight against Big Pharma’s covid jabs, otherwise...

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Dr David Martin: 3.5 BILLION could be injured or killed by the jab. Are YOU ready?

People are falling over dead all over the world. The governments of the world including false-president Biden is pushing for the continuation of covid protocols. People of every age, even young people are suddenly dying of myocarditis. There was even a study in England linking people dying of myocarditis to covid. This article was reported by the Epoch...

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