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How Going After the Government Instead of Big Pharma for the Release of the Bioweapon Injections Could Lead to World War III

Our Trusted Leaders are distracting us from the real villains in the release of the bioweapon injections, otherwise known as the “covid vaccines.” They are telling us to go after the government and even employers, when the real Bond villains are Big Pharma. During this episode of In The Foxhole, Karen Kingston and Jeff Dornik explain why this...

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Bizarre Phenomenon Where Section of the Sun Splits and Circles Solar North Pole Baffles Scientists

A bizarre phenomenon involving a portion of the sun’s surface splitting and circling the bigger body’s north pole – much like a polar vortex – has baffled scientists. Tamitha Skov, a space weather forecaster, first brought attention to the phenomenon through a tweet. She accompanied her post with footage of the phenomenon, which was taken by the James Webb...

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