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Pastor Sam Jones: What You Must Believe In Order For Religious Exemptions to Work Against the Vaccine Mandates

Pastor Sam Jones has been getting a lot of press, both positive and negative, for his stand against tyranny in the state of Iowa. During the COVID-19 lockdowns, he never closed his church. When the mask mandates dropped, he never complied. And now that vaccine mandates are being implemented, he’s now writing religious exemptions to counter the mandates....

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Clay Clark itemizes the dangerous ingredients contained in Fauci’s poisonous “vaccines”

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Clay Clark who is the leader of an organization called "Time to Free America" (, and the chief and organizer of the ongoing "Reawaken America Tour", which will be in Dallas, Texas, in October, 2021, and in San Antonio, Texas, in November, 2021. Mr. Clark told us about the careful measures his...

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Robert Owens Explains How To Use The Civil Rights Act of 1964 For Exemptions From The China-Virus Injection 

Today, The Two Mikes were fortunate to speak with Mr. Robert Owens who is the Regional Field Director for the John BIrch Society (JBS). Mr. Owens' area of responsibility runs from Pittsburgh to Wyoming and runs from the border with Canada to the border of Mexico. 

Mr. Owen provided useful information about how to use the Civil Rights...

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China Could Be Exploiting Internet Security Process to Steal Data, Cyber Experts Warn

To access data from unsuspecting users, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) could be exploiting a universal authentication process that is thought to be secure, but in reality may not be, cybersecurity experts warned. Article from our premium news partners at The Epoch Times. While encryption remains the preferred method to secure digital data and protect computers, in some cases, the...

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Clay Clark: America is Facing the Final Steps Toward the Great Reset

The southern border of the United States has the floodgates open to the illegal immigration siege. Migrants, including Latin American Haitians and Middle Eastern foes, flood into the state of Texas without even a thought of halt from the Biden dictatorship. After a lockdown worldwide to change the landscape using a Chinese bioweapon the current administration by fiat...

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Freedom Phone Founder Erik Finman: US Intelligence Agencies Threatened Facebook’s Leadership Unless They Ban Certain Conservatives

Erik Finman is the man behind the Freedom Phone, which is the Conservative alternative to Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android. He makes the case that Conservatives have to create our own ecosystem, yet most have been mostly focusing on software, such as social media and communication platforms. He’s taking a different approach and starting with the hardware to...

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Matt Couch: How Can Christians Be OK Getting The Jab After Learning Pfizer Used Aborted Babies?

James O’Keefe and Project Veritas are at it again… this time they set their sights on Pfizer. And, boy, did they expose them or what? For months, many have been sounding the alarm (including several of us here at Freedom First Network) that the COVID-19 “vaccines” were developed using tissue from aborted babies. We’ve been fact checked and...

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Gary Sheffield Jr Explains Why NBA Stars LeBron James & Draymond Green Are Taking A Stand For Medical Freedom

Many conservatives, myself included, have stopped watching professional sports over the past year-and-a-half, due to the constant preaching of leftist propaganda. We saw the NBA cover their courts in “The Bubble” with Black Lives Matter logos. The San Francisco Giants have painted on their baseball field the slogan “Vax Up”. We want to watch sports to escape, not...

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