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Dementia-Causing Prions From mRNA Covid-19 Jabs May Be Contagious, Experts Warn

(Natural News)—One of the more serious side effects associated with mRNA COVID-19 jabs is dementia, and the prions that are responsible for causing people to develop the condition could be contagious. The problem stems from the fact that COVID-19 shots cause frameshifting that can spur the production of prions. Short for proteinaceous infectious particles, they are responsible for causing...

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The Toxic Herbicide Industry — Guilty of Causing Cancer — Is Seeking Legal Immunity Across the United States

(Natural News)—The toxic herbicide industry, which continues to blast out carcinogens like glyphosate and atrazine, is seeking legal immunity across the United States. In a last-ditch effort to ward off multi-billion-dollar legal challenges, companies like Bayer and Syngenta are approaching legislators across the country and pushing them to pass legislation that would give their companies legal immunity against...

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The Hard Push: Jeff Bezos Invests $60 Million to Lower Costs, Improve Taste and Boost Nutritional Value of Fake Meat

Editor's Note: We consider the very notion of lab-grown "meat" to be an abomination, which is why we have partners with an America First, long-term storage beef company in Prepper All Naturals. We benefit when our readers take advantage of 25% off at checkout with promo code "veterans25". (Natural News)—The Bezos Earth Fund has announced an initial $60 million...

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The Shocking Truth Behind the TikTok Ban: A Distraction from China’s Data Collection Agenda

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. In this pivotal episode of In the Foxhole, Karen Kingston and I delved into the sinister realities threatening our nation's sovereignty and health. It's imperative we open our eyes to the alarming truth lurking beneath the surface of seemingly innocuous legislation and technological advancements....

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Antibiotic Contamination of U.S. Food Supply Increasing as Big Pharma Pushes More Drugs for Animals

(Natural News)—The threat of antibiotic resistance is increasing as the pharmaceutical industry continues to pump out new antibiotic drugs to replace old antibiotic drugs that no longer work. Believe it or not, most antibiotics sold in the United States are administered to livestock used in the meat industry. And they are typically given to healthy animals for purposes other...

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AI Pioneer: Humanity’s Timeline Is Only a Few More Years Thanks to the Risk of AI Tech Could Destroying the Human Race

(Natural News)—Pioneering artificial intelligence researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky has warned that humanity may only have a few years left as artificial intelligence grows increasingly sophisticated. Speaking to the Guardian, he told writer Tom Lamont: “If you put me to a wall and forced me to put probabilities on things, I have a sense that our current remaining timeline looks more like...

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A Hurricane-Force Wind Warning Is Issued as a Monster Storm Begins to Dump 8 Trillion Gallons of Rain on California

(End of the American Dream)—Okay, this is starting to get really weird.  First, we had a “thousand year storm” which caused catastrophic flooding in San Diego.  Subsequently, a “Pineapple Express” storm absolutely soaked the entire state on Wednesday and Thursday.  Now, a “bomb cyclone” is in the process of dumping 8 trillion gallons of rain on California over...

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Computers on Living Things? The Disturbing Truth Behind Quantum Computing

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. As the host of The Jeff Dornik Show, I recently had the privilege of delving into the mysterious realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum computing with Alex Stone on A StoneWall's Perspective. Our discussion uncovered a series of complexities, exploring the potential dangers,...

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