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White House Correspondent Simon Ateba Reveals How the Rest of the World Sees the Prosecution of Trump

Subscribe to Freedom First Network on Rumble to watch all of our shows LIVE. As the chaos within the Biden administration continues to unfold, one thing has become abundantly clear: the weaponization of government against political opponents has reached unprecedented levels. In a recent episode of The Jeff Dornik Show, I had the privilege of hosting Simon Ateba,...

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Trevor Loudon: Alleged President Biden is Doing the Bidding of Putin by Opposing Russia to Get Us Into WWIII

Trevor Loudon is one of the foremost experts in America on Marxism. He’s spent countless years studying this ideology and those espousing it. While the term Marxist gets thrown around a lot, many do not understand the implications of just how far-reaching this ideology actually is. So many within both the Senate and House of Representatives have been...

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There is No Asterisk or Exception Clause in the United States Constitution, Despite What Ron DeSantis & Michael Knowles Believe

If you were to listen to most of our elected officials, you’d think that there’s an asterisk in the United States Constitution which allows them to strip you of your Constitutional Rights under certain circumstances. We’ve recently heard Michael Knowles of The Daily Wire make this argument in regards to the New Mexico Governor attempting to take away...

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The Election About Nothing

The hit sitcom Seinfeld had a famous tagline, “the show about nothing.” The popularity of this nickname came from the audience’s bemusement upon watching the show’s ensemble cast of Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, and George rummaging through the inconsequential tidbits of everyday life. Seinfeld may be the secret director behind the 2024 election, which may likely–to the complete agony...

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Vindication for JR Majewski… DoD Confirms Military Record After Smear Campaign Derailed His Congressional Campaign in 2022

JR Majewski ran for Congress in 2022, getting the endorsement from President Donald Trump and had the whole America First Movement behind him. Unfortunately, a massive smear campaign was unleashed to derail his campaign, alleging that he lied about his military record. This led to many endorsements getting withdrawn and ultimately losing his race. Recently, however, the Department...

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