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Nelson Balido: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Issues Executive Order that is a “Tactical Nightmare”

Nelson Balido, President of the Border, Commerce, and Security Council, reported that in the last hour or so Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order that forbids any person who is not a law-enforcement officer from moving illegal aliens by any means of transportation out of the state, or from place to place within Texas. Abbott's order,...

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Biden’s Craven State Dept. Invites UN Human Rights Officers (Including From Cuba) to Investigate America

CAUTION GRAPHIC IMAGES: Viewer discretion is advised on this interview video Accompanying the news of unprecedented protests sweeping Cuba, including footage of hundreds of fed up Cubans shouting "Libertad!" repeatedly; autos being turned over, police cars being pelted with rocks, people being arrested or shot at in the streets and even in their homes; a brazen detention witnessed...

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Ex-CIA Dr Michael Scheuer Exposes the Shocking Truth About the Afghan War the US Never Intended to Win

Today, the Two Mikes spoke to one another about the farce that was and is the war in Afghanistan. The Afghan was never fought to preserve American liberties; the war only enabled the Bush, Obama, and Biden administrations to construct the citizenry's civil liberties. In addition, despite claims by presidents, senators, generals, and media commentators, there was never...

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Lauren Boebert Reminds Biden Regime Why We Don’t Believe Their Promises About Door-Knockers

When news broke last week that the Biden regime intended to send agents door-to-door to check on our vaccine status, reactions were immediate and harsh. Even if we disregard the blatant attack on privacy and healthcare choice that this represents, we cannot shake the belief that this is just conditioning for near-future door-knockers with even worse intentions. It...

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As Cubans Take to the Street to Protest Socialism, the White House Pretends They’re Demanding Vaccines

You have to give the White House credit. When they latch onto a narrative, they stick with it regardless of how obviously false it is. Case-in-point: The spin they're putting on the Cuban protests happening right now. They demand freedom. They are sick of long bread lines and inadequate socialized medicine. They want their government to stop being...

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