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The Conservative Black Cowboy Rob Harper exposes the Left’s hypocrisy with Cancel Culture and cries of racism

Cancel Culture has become the chief strategy among the Left’s corporations, such as Google, Twitter and Facebook, to attempt to keep indefinite control of America. While Americans used to be ok with differences of opinions, that is no longer tolerable. You are expected to either go along with the mainstream narrative or you have no place in civil...

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Stephen Willeford saved countless lives during a church shooting simply by being armed and ready

Joe Biden’s presidency is by far the most progressive administration in American history. One of the targets of Biden’s team is stripping us of our Second Amendment rights. The ramifications of this, if fully implemented, will create a much more dangerous America where law-abiding citizens will be helpless to defend themselves. We cannot allow the Biden administration to...

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The Top Secret Truth about Area 51: Government-Sanctioned Demonic Activity | Carl Crew

Area 51 is one of those extremely entertaining topics for conspiracy theory enthusiasts. Due to the extreme secrecy regarding this top secret military base, the theories about what’s going on there range from a secret military weapons testing site to the wildly popular UFO and aliens research center. While the truth is probably somewhere in the middle, during...

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One year ago today, Joe Biden tried to pick a fight with factory worker Jerry Wayne over AR-14s

Subscribe to Freedom One-on-One on Apple Podcasts. It’s been a full year to the day since Jerry Wayne’s famous confrontation of then-candidate Joe Biden regarding his plan to strip American’s of our Second Amendment rights. During that confrontation, the current Alleged President refused to hear Jerry’s concerns and, instead, responded with intimidation, even challenging him to take it...

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