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Flat Earther David Weiss: The Truth About UFOs… They Aren’t From Another Planet

For the last few years, Conservatives have been labeled conspiracy theorists. We claim the election was stolen using Dominion Voting Systems and stuffing paper ballots printed on printer paper, the response from the Left is that this nothing more than a wild conspiracy theory. If we talk about COVID-19 being created in the Wuhan Lab which was funded...

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Former Arlington Mayoral Candidate Doni Anthony Says TX Governor Greg Abbott is not a Conservative… He’s a Dictator

The running joke among conservatives is that Texas Governor Greg Abbott is anywhere from two to four weeks behind anything that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis does. Whether it’s opening up the state after lockdowns or dropping the requirements for face masks, Abbott waits to see how things play out for DeSantis before deciding to do the right thing....

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Julian Acciard: Systemic Racism is Marxism Masquerading as Progressivism

New Hampshire Congressional Candidate Julian Acciard is not your typical politician. First of all, he’s a true outsider, running for Congress for the first time. He’s not a part of the swamp. He’s anti-establishment. However, that’s not what stuck out to me as I was interviewing him. Julian Acciard is focusing on solutions… real solutions that will actually...

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