Civil Disobedience

Todd Callender Claims the Federal Government is a Facade: No One in the Biden Administration is Lawfully Serving

Attorney and CloutHub CEO Todd Callender joins this episode of The Jeff Dornik Show to discuss his social media platform and some of the shocking things he’s learned during the course of his lawsuits pertaining to the covid-19 plandemic and ensuing bioweapon injections. One of the most surprising claims he made was that the Federal Government is a...

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Ricardo Martins Reveals How Brazil’s Election Results and Mass Protests Affect You

Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets of Brazil to protest power corruption and election results in the country. They are blocking traffic, highways, and standing their ground against armed threats. Why are they so desperate to risk everything to do this? What must we learn from their example? Brazilian-born expert, Pastor, and Activist, Ricardo...

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J6 Attorney Declares Multiple Groups Operated Crowd to Create Insurrection Image | Ken Good, Brad Geyer

The narratives of January 6th have created an uninterested indifference with Americans. However, the prisoners still held must experience the efforts of those that seek to change the fundamentals of the U.S. Constitution. The Oath Keepers defendants, among others, face the Marxist force of those with everything to gain by their convictions. Is there proof of a sinister...

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Jeff Dornik: The Only Path to Save America is to take MASSIVE Action

Jeff Dornik joins host Matt Couch on this episode of The Matt Couch Show to discuss current events, what’s new with The GateKeepers and Freedom First Network, as well as his new event series called American Action Summits. Check out all of Jeff Dornik’s shows, articles and interviews at You can watch The Matt Couch Show Mon-Fri on Rumble,...

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