China threatens U.S. over rare-earth minerals

The trade war ramps up as China is considering curbing its export of rare-earth metals. Since these metals are essential in electronics, solar panels, and electric vehicles, China puts pressure on President Joe Biden’s plans to switch U.S. energy production from fossil fuels to renewables. Article by Caroline Adana from Liberty Nation. Background Rare-earth metals are atomic elements crucial to...

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The only way the Democrats can stay alive is to keep the Trump hatred going

Subscribe to The Federalist Faction on Apple Podcasts. “Sometimes people don’t want to hear the truth because they don’t want their illusions destroyed.” -Friedrich Nietzsche The left has overplayed their hand once again, they realize what it is that is the only thing that really truly unifies them, the only thing that is keeping them from eating their...

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Rare Earth elements aren’t that rare, but they’re vital to national security

For one-third of the price of one F-35 Lightning II, the Pentagon made a key investment to ensure its supply of rare earth elements. Article by Maiya Clark and Ryan Williams from Daily Signal. The Department of Defense earlier this month announced that Lynas USA LLC was awarded a $30.4 million technology investment agreement under Title III of the Defense Production...

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