Civil Disobedience

Former Campaign Manager Chad Caton Calls On Lin Wood To Stop Feeding the Dumpster Fire

Chad Caton seems to be enemy #1 of the GOP Swamp in South Carolina. He got kicked off his radio show simply for being in Washington DC on January 6th, nowhere near the Capitol Building. And it wasn’t the Democrats that got him fired, but the Republicans. He’s someone who has constantly confronted the khaki pants wearing establishment...

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Cara Castronuova: The Democrats, Their Terrorist Groups And The FBI Staged The False Flag Event on January 6th

Today, The Two Mikes again discussed the continuing and unconstitutional incarceration of 6 January 2021 demonstrators with Cara Castronuova, the leader of a growing organization named Citizens Against Political Persecution (CAPP). Ms. Castronuova explained that there has been no improvement in the treatment of the political prisoners, with the solitary confinement, filthy conditions, and physical abuse remaining the...

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Robert Owens: The Unconstitutional Arrest and Incarceration of the Jan 6 Prisoners Undermines Every Aspect of the American Judicial System

Today, The Two Mikes discussed the events of 6 January 2021 and other matters with Robert Owens of the John Birch Society.  Mr. Owens explained that the unconstitutional arrest and continuing incarceration of the people seized last year at the capital "undermines every aspect of the judicial system." He attributed the fact of these people still being jailed...

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Chef Andrew Gruel: Surviving Biden’s Wuhan Flu Mandates, Threats and Other Illegalities

Today, The Two Mikes had Chef Andrew Gruel. Mr. Gruel has franchised the restaurant chain “Slapfish” and has 40 branches around the country. The restaurant offers fresh fish and other seafood. Mr. Gruel described the difficult environment for restaurants because of the Biden administration’s Wuhan Flu mandates, threats, and other of their illegalities. Last year, Mr. Gruel ran a campaign that...

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Matt Couch: We Take Away the Left’s Power When We Rid Ourselves of Irrational Fear

The root problem that has led to the overthrow of America is not Covid-19, Election Fraud or even the Chinese Communist Party. None of those things, by themselves, have the power to Conquer America. Rather, it is a fearful population that has been manipulated to willingly give away their rights in exchange for perceived safety. Think about it…...

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Elizebeth Warren Wants To Pack The Court So She Can Continue To Worship The Demon Moloch

Elizebeth Warren Wants to Pack the Court so She can Continue to Worship the Demon Moloch Demon worship is a dangerous thing and it dements the mind. Sen. Elizebeth Warren who has long worshipped the demon Moloch through her support of child sacrifice via. “Women’s health” is now suggesting that Congress pack’s the Supreme Court in order that...

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Mindy Robinson: The Globalists are Trying to Reset Us… Why Can’t We Reset Them?

While the Leftist Mainstream Media label people like Mindy Robinson and I as “Conspiracy Theorists”, we tend to view ourselves as Conspiracy Analysts. As my good friend Dr Mike Spaulding says, a conspiracy is nothing more than sinister behavior done in secret. We should be analyzing current events, taking a look at what’s going on and whether there...

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