Civil Disobedience

Prepare to Protest or Buy More Toilet Paper: White House Drawing Up ‘Solemn’ Lockdown Speech

Lockdowns are coming. The Great Reset agenda is hitting its stride as world governments engage in lockdowns over the Delta Variant. Data shows it is more infectious but less dangerous than previous variants, but the fearmongers driving the narrative are treating it like an existential threat to society. In reality, THEY are the existential threat as they prepare...

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Pastor Sam Jones: Involuntary Servitude – Now Available in Both Men’s and Women’s Sizes!

It has been weeks since the Cuban protestors stormed the streets of Havana with American flags. Roughly 500 of those protestors are currently missing from their friends and family. Supply chains in the US are continuing to find themselves thinning as materials and products are getting harder and harder to access for manufacturing. A Transgender is on the...

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Biden’s Craven State Dept. Invites UN Human Rights Officers (Including From Cuba) to Investigate America

CAUTION GRAPHIC IMAGES: Viewer discretion is advised on this interview video Accompanying the news of unprecedented protests sweeping Cuba, including footage of hundreds of fed up Cubans shouting "Libertad!" repeatedly; autos being turned over, police cars being pelted with rocks, people being arrested or shot at in the streets and even in their homes; a brazen detention witnessed...

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Thomas DiLorenzo: America’s “Stalinist Universities” are responsible for the social disaster we’re now experiencing

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Professor Thomas DiLorenzo, an economist who worked in three universities for 41 years before retiring. He is known for his scholarship in economics, and has written three thought-provoking books about Abraham Lincoln. He writes regularly – and very well – for Professor DiLorenzo spoke today about what he very convincingly describes...

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Gavin Newsom’s manipulative plan to reopen CA is worse than the lockdowns

Conservatives that find themselves living in Communist California have been praying for this day to finally arrive. Gavin Newsom finally announced that he’s “allowing” us to go back to business-as-usual. No more mask mandates. No more capacity limits. No more restrictions. Except that there’s a catch… you have to be vaccinated. Otherwise, you have to continue practicing social...

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Texas Just Became the Latest State to Opt Out of a Broken Federal Welfare Scheme

One dysfunctional federal welfare program is contributing to a national labor shortage. Now, we can add Texas to the increasingly long list of states opting out. Article by Brad Polumbo from FEE. The program in question is the federal government’s pandemic expansion of unemployment benefits. At the start of the crisis, Congress expanded benefits to new categories of...

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Mindy Robinson is Asking All of the Right Questions About the Capitol “Riots”

January 6th is ingrained into the minds of millions of Americans across the country. For the Left and many Republicans that watch the Mainstream Media, that was the day that the Trump “incited” his supporters to “storm the Capitol building” as a part of a “violent insurrection.” For Conservatives and Trump supporters, that was the day that we...

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