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Same IBM that partnered with Adolf Hitler to help run the Holocaust now partnering with Moderna to install Vaccine Passports

When an evil is ignored or accepted as normal, when justice is not properly served, history ultimately has a way of repeating itself, beckoning that evil to resurface again. If not confronted, its curse will remain. The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM), an American multinational technology company, is now partnering with Moderna, an experimental mRNA vaccine maker. The...

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Pandemic drives Americans away from expensive cities

Many high-income Americans abandoned high-cost coastal cities for suburbs, cheaper urban centers and remote areas as the coronavirus pandemic forced many people to work remotely, according to a report from Bloomberg. Article by Virgilio Marin from Natural News. The report also noted that the American workplace looks different from pre-pandemic days. Americans working remotely fled expensive coastal cities The movement of workers was one of the most visible effects of...

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Massive layoffs at Huffington Post after it pushed to deplatform right

After having pushed for the deplatforming of conservative voices, the left-leaning Huffington Post announced massive layoffs of its workforce on Tuesday – 47 U.S. writers including eight in management – and entirely shuttering its Canadian operation. Article by Joe Kovacs from WND. The decision was made to "fast-track the path to profitability," enabling the company to break even...

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Walmart and Costco just gave over 400,000 workers a raise despite no minimum wage increase. Here’s why

Imagine you’re an employee at Walmart. Maybe you’re a single mom working to pay the bills or a teenager looking to get work experience. This past year has been rough for you and your colleagues, but you’ve all persevered and pushed through despite the difficult circumstances. Article by Patrick Carroll from FEE. Now imagine that you walk into...

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