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Lessons From Black Rifle Coffee: Who are the PAYtriots vs the Patriots

Millions of conservatives across America are feeling betrayed by Black Rifle Coffee, who was a business bringing together America-loving patriots for the past several years. Because they appeared to push our values, we got behind them as a company. There’s too many big corporations out there like Starbucks who fund all of the typical leftist organizations, so those...

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Dr Fauci is Willing to Risk Lying to Congress to Protect Himself From the Punishment for his Criminal Involvement in COVID-19

It’s clear for any sane observer to see that Dr Anthony Fauci is covering up the truth regarding COVID-19. He’s been all over the place, never providing any actual science or data to support his wild and ever-changing claims regarding this “pandemic.” Congress and the Mainstream Media, for the most part, has not fulfilled its job in oversight...

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