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All Politics is Local

We all hear the phrase “Buy Local,” but how many of us really understand what it really means to buy local. Forget getting distracted by national political issues. Follow what is happening in your local community and you’ll see the direct impact of national and state. You may be surprised how much you have been missing. Bud Synhorst,...

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How Blue Is New York Really?

As the old saying goes, “If you can make it in New York, you can make it anywhere.” And since extreme lockdowns and vaccine mandates in the nation’s financial capital forced many of New York’s best and brightest into unemployment, thousands have taken up the task of analyzing the state’s election data. The results? Whether it has happened...

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Is the Global Population Crisis Overpopulation, Underpopulation, or Male Infertility?

Our human population has reportedly hit the 8 billion milestone, but how accurate is the data? Are we facing an overpopulation crisis or an underpopulation crisis? While the United Nations is doggedly focused on female reproductive rights as one of their most important human rights for humanity, male fertility rates have hit rock bottom. They are so low...

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