Our Constitutional Protections are Being Taken for Granted and Seized in America

Since the massacre in Uvalde an eruption of demands for deleting the #2A have been issued. Through grandstanding politicians and lackluster Biden speeches calls for restructuring the second amendment have been given. Meetings in congress and backdoor deals have led to capitulation by Republicans to enact measures to take away arms from the people with clever euphemisms such...

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Florida GOP Passes Legislation Protecting Hospitals From Liability ONLY If They Obey Fauci

Florida may be the leader in fighting back against the Federal Government’s overreach when it comes to vaccine mandates, but Bill 7014 which is sitting on Governor Ron DeSantis’ desk would extend some pretty scary requirements on hospitals and how they treat covid-19. Bill 7014 was introduced and passed by the Florida GOP, which extends protections for hospitals...

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R. Shawn McBride: Florida GOP Legislators Pass a De Facto Ivermectin Ban in Hospitals… Will DeSantis Veto?

 Today, The Two Mikes spoke to Mr. R. Shawn McBride, a distinguished lawyer and the head of the American Freedom Institute, Inc. Currently, Mr. McBride is leading a group of 35 organizations that is pressuring Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to veto Bill 7014, which is designed to increase liability protection for Florida hospitals from lawsuits related to...

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Election Fraud Fighter Josh Barnett on why He’s Running for Congress

Arizona District One Congressional Candidate Josh Barnett sat down with Matt Couch on The Matt Couch Show to discuss his campaign for Congress in Arizona. Josh has been a staunch fighter for not only Arizona but multiple states with Congressional expert David Jose, as the two have even written a book about the election integrity issues in America. Watch as two...

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Iowa Mama Bears: Going After School Bonds are the Next Step to End Covid Restrictions in Schools

Parents across America are fed up with the abuse the schools have put their children through over the past two years of “15 Days to Slow the Spread.” Their kids have been isolated, masked, vaxxed and even put behind plexiglass. Teachers have instilled covid fear within their students, who are naturally the most protected age group. The problem...

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JR Majewski Calls Out The GOP Leadership For Ignoring The Jan 6 Political Prisoners

The Democrats are doing everything within their power to crush the spirits of those that love America. Do not think that the stolen election of 2020, the BLM riots, the covid-19 “pandemic” and the January 6th “Attack” are not all connected. They’ve systematically implemented each of these attacks on our nation to gain more power and destroy their...

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TX-17 Candidate Jason “Storm” Nelson Forced Out of Military Just Months Short of Retirement Due to Vax Mandate

Our military service members deserve our utmost respect, as they’ve literally sacrificed everything to defend America, the Constitution and each and every one of us. Unfortunately, many are turning a blind eye to the abusive treatment of servicemen under the Alleged President’s Regime, specifically when it comes to the Vaccine Mandate. Jason “Storm” Nelson is running for Congress...

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Jim Bacon: Glenn Youngkin Is Proving He’s Determined to Take It To The Enemy

Today, The Two MIkes were delighted to welcome back Mr. Jim Bacon, who publishes excellent articles of news and analysis of Virginia politics at his sites ,Bacon's Rebellion (http://www.baconsrebellion.com) and The Blunderbuss (https://www.baconsrebellion.com/wp/the-blunderbuss/). Our discussion focused on the interesting events that have followed last week's inauguration of the new Republican governor of Virginia, Glenn Youngkin. Notwithstanding a close...

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Chuck Schumer’s Filibuster Move Is, as He Once Put It, a “Rubber Stamp of Dictatorship”

Democrats have control of the House, Senate, and White House. This makes their utter failure to pass meaningful legislation with less than a year until midterm elections so stunning. To reverse their fortunes, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer plans to get rid of the filibuster, the tool our founding fathers envisioned to prevent slim majorities from having total...

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AZ AG Candidate Abraham Hamadeh Exposes how the Courts in Arizona Rigged the 2020 Election

There are three primary issues of primary importance of Conservative Americans today: Election Fraud, Critical Race Theory and Covid and the Vaccine Mandates. While it’s of utmost importance to get the legislators to do their job, passing laws to protect the rights of their citizens, a law is only as good as its enforcement. This is why it’s...

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