Israel Fights Back

We discuss the importance of citizens running for office to start change from a local level. Israel reigns fire down upon Hamas, while some techies hack into our oil supply leaving many without fuel. Finally prices continue to rise as inflation takes its toll on the US. YouTube, Spotify, and other Big Tech platforms are taking Freedom First...

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Rand Paul Blasts Jeff Bezos and the $10 Billion Senate Bailout Bill Inexplicably on the Table

The last two weeks have been very good for Senator Rand Paul's image among conservatives. The firebrand has made news on multiple fronts, particularly in his ongoing war against the fraudulent "Dr" Anthony Fauci. In one Tweet, he added to his credentials by going after billionaire Jeff Bezos over a proposed bailout. Article from The Liberty Daily. https://twitter.com/RandPaul/status/1397663741148286980...

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Ron DeSantis Signs Law Allowing Florida Citizens to Sue for up to $100,000 Over Big Tech Censorship

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis took the fight to Big Tech tyrants today, signing SB 7072 into law. This will allow Floridians to sue Big Tech companies who treat them unfairly, whether through inappropriate censorship or a lack of transparency behind their deplatforming of individuals. It also gives the state Attorney General the power to go after Big Tech...

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Every Aspect of Life has Gotten Dramatically Worse Since Biden Took Office… Is This All a Part of the Globalists’ Plan?

During the 2020 Election, I kept saying that if Joe Biden won it would end any chance we had to have a Republican as President again in our lifetime. I also continually reminded everyone that Democrat control of the Federal Government would result in the ripping up of the Constitution, which leads to the end of America as...

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