Chris Widener: The 2022 Mid-Terms Comes Down to Comparing Trump’s America vs Biden’s

As we all know, the 2022 Mid-Term Elections are just around the corner, and many on both sides of the aisle are predicting a massive Red Wave, with Republicans potentially taking back both chambers of Congress. While the Democrats are using hot button issues like LGBTQ, transgenderism and abortion to pit us against each other, the Republican Party has the perfect opportunity to provide the unifying winning argument to the American people.

Chris Widener, who’s putting together the American Freedom Tour headlined by President Donald Trump, lays out the winning strategy that conservatives should take if we want to see the Red Wave come to fruition: A compare and contrast between America under President Donald Trump vs the Alleged President Joe Biden.

While the Democrats are brilliant at pointing out all of Trump’s flaws in an effort to rally their troops, we have the chance to take the personalities out of it and make it about results. You may not like Trump, but America’s economy and national security where objectively more secure than they currently are.

If Republicans can do a compare and contrast between the two Americas, we can ensure that the voters who can be swayed will trend towards the Republican Party in November. If we get suckered into identity politics and personal attacks, they have the opportunity to hold onto many races.

Sure, we expect the Democrats to cheat in the election, however, they are using wedge issues such as the Dobbs decision to rally their base to turn out in massive numbers. By doing so, they can limit their need to cheat to win the election.

We have just a few more months until the Mid-Terms, which is plenty of time for us to get to work cementing in the minds of the American people what kind of America we want to live in.

Do we want $3 gas or $7 gas? Do we want world peace or World War III? Do we want a thriving economy or a tanking one. It’s up to you, the American people to decide the answers to those questions.

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