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The Federal Apartheid Racial Classification Of America With David Bernstein

The Federal Apartheid Racial Classification Of America With David Bernstein

Today, The Two Mikes hosted David E. Bernstein, who holds a University Professorship chair at the Antonin Scalia Law School of George Mason University. Professor Bernstein has just published a long-needed book about the "sordid business" of the federal government's racial classification system. The book is called Classified: The Untold Story of Racial Classification in America. The racial classification system started out a well-intentioned...

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Fred Coulter: We Now Are Witnessing The Wokeness Of Satan’s Society

"We now are witnessing the wokeness of Satan's society," said Fred Coulter of the Christian Biblical Church of God in Hollister, CA.  The Two Mikes were lucky to again host Fred Coulter and we got a learned and much-needed presentation from this estimable pastor and gentlemen. "People are lost," he said, "and the world is getting worse by the second." And how can people...

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Lt Gen Thomas McInerney Warns of More Election Fraud in the Mid-Terms

The Two Mikes hosted Lt. General Thomas McInerney (ret'd) and retired Colonel Lawrence Sellin in the first episode of the "McInerney Update". General McInerney started by starkly describing the United States as "standing at a tipping point." He said that it is no way near a sure thing that the midterm elections will be free from fraud. Rather, there will be large-scale mail-in...

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Eric Householder: If You Want More Prosperity For West Virginia And Its People, Decrease Taxes

"If you want more prosperity for West Virginia and its people, decrease taxes." So said Eric Householder, a Republican delegate in the West Virginia assembly, when The Two Mikes spoke with him this afternoon. Mr. Householder is a graduate engineer, but spent his working life starting and building a private mechanical business. Mr. Householder made this blue-collar company into an outstanding success....

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The United Brotherhood of Terrorism: Biden, Xi, Zelensky. With Lt. Col. Sargis Sangari

"Ukraine's society and government is corrupted at all levels and there is virtually no way to know where U.S. aid and funding is going." This is the way The Two Mikes’ guest Lt. Col. (ret'd) Sargis Sangari -- who is the CEO of the Near East Center for Strategic Engagement (NEC-SE), and Founder of United Assyrian Appeal (UAA) -- began our discussion today. 


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Smelling Salts From John B Wells: The Media Is Without Question The Republic’s Enemy

John B. Wells, host of the nationally syndicated radio program Caravan to Midnight, joined The Two Mikes this afternoon to discuss the republic's growing Democrats-caused and Republican-supported miseries. "The media is without question the republic's enemy ... they are not journalists, they are script readers." Mr. Wells was unsure whether the country can do anything to stop Biden and the Globalists'...

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