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Andre DiMino: Attacks on Christopher Columbus are Rooted in Hatred for Italian-Americans

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed Mr. Andre DiMino who is a member of the Executive Board of the Italian American One Voice Coalition (IAOVC). The Coalition's website is Mr. DiMino explained that IAOVC operates to protect the reputations and heritage of Italian Americans and to prevent attacks on them like the removal of statues of Christopher Columbus...

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Lt Gen Thomas McInerney: The 38 Member Shadow Government That Is Trying To Control The World

Today The Two Mikes again spoke with Lt. General Thomas McInerney (ret.). The focus of the General's presentation was the appearance of Phillipe Argillier and Maria Zack on the Stew Peters Show on 12 October 2021. Maria Zack has shown how the Italian government's cooperating in the rigging of the 2020 presidential election. Ms. Zack introduced Mr. Argillier,...

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Clay Clark itemizes the dangerous ingredients contained in Fauci’s poisonous “vaccines”

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Clay Clark who is the leader of an organization called "Time to Free America" (, and the chief and organizer of the ongoing "Reawaken America Tour", which will be in Dallas, Texas, in October, 2021, and in San Antonio, Texas, in November, 2021. Mr. Clark told us about the careful measures his...

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Robert Owens Explains How To Use The Civil Rights Act of 1964 For Exemptions From The China-Virus Injection 

Today, The Two Mikes were fortunate to speak with Mr. Robert Owens who is the Regional Field Director for the John BIrch Society (JBS). Mr. Owens' area of responsibility runs from Pittsburgh to Wyoming and runs from the border with Canada to the border of Mexico. 

Mr. Owen provided useful information about how to use the Civil Rights...

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Dana Rohrabacher: How Biden’s Cowardly and Self-Inflicted Afghanistan Debacle Directly Impacts the China/Taiwan Standoff

Today, The Two Mikes interviewed former longtime conservative California  Republican congressman Dana Rohrabacher. We first spoke about the current saber-rattling Chinese threat toward Taiwan. Dana, noted that the Chinese were no doubt serious about wanting to conquer Taiwan, but stressed that the Taiwanese military is a well trained force and ready to fight. He also added that Taiwan's...

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Maura Moynihan: The Democrats Have Been Intentionally Destroying Black Family Life For More Than 50 Years

Today, The Two Mikes spoke with Ms. Maura Moynihan, the daughter of the late U.S. Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and renowned journalist and a leading South Asia commentator in her own right. Our conversation was a long and interesting one and will be published into two installments. Ms. Moynihan provided an especially interesting explanation of the regional importance...

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Eddie Yeranian: The Qatar Regime Is Helping Islamist Fighters Leave Afghanistan To Wage Jihad in Other Countries

Today, The Two Mikes talked with Ed Yeranian, the always excellent, Cairo-based foreign correspondent. Mr. Yeranian spoke about the impact of Biden's Afghan debacle, saying that while most Middle East governments have not criticized Biden's lethal skedaddle, not all of the regimes are happy about allowing the Taliban full-sway in the country and allowing a strategic airbase to...

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