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Sorry Fake News Mainstream Media… Joe Biden is not the President-Elect!

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. During this special edition of Let's Talk Right Now, host Jeff Dornik exposes the lies being promoted by the Mainstream Media, Big Tech and Democrat Party regarding the supposed declared winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. The Mainstream Media has been promoting legitimate Fake News, pushing the...

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Trump Pride & Biden Corruption

Subscribe to Let's Talk Right Now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify. Over the weekend, Jeff joined thousands of Patriots to welcome President Donald Trump to Orange County. During this episode of Let's Talk Right Now, he shares his experience at that event, and then addresses the extreme corruption of the Biden family. President Donald Trump inspires Americans across...

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Mini AOC says Joe Biden is too old to be President

Subscribe to Freedom One-on-One on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. This episode of Freedom One-On-One with Jeff Dornik features Mini AOC, who has made a name for herself spoofing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Her knack for comedy, humor and making people laugh has made her an internet sensation within conservative circles. During this conversation, Mini AOC shared her opinion...

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