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Leaked images from inside migrant centers reveal conditions that are as bad as we thought

It's "kids in cages" all over again, only worse this time. Project Veritas released images they obtained from the recently built migrant "housing" facility in Donna, Texas. They are utterly horrifying as children are crammed inside holding bins with "space blankets" covering them, often from head to toe. These are not the types of living conditions the Biden...

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Why is $3.75 billion in Covid relief money going to the Bill Gates organization that fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria?

It isn't news that billionaire non-doctor Bill Gates is deeply embedded in the entire Covid-19 fiasco. He has been one of the unofficial leaders of the lockdown movement, the biggest proponent of vaccines, and an advocate for a full-blown globalist attitude towards the pandemic. He has friends in high places, including the Chinese Communist Party, the World Health...

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Tell your legislatures to adopt this Tennessee bill that makes blocking a highway a felony offense

Last summer, streets and highways were blocked in cities across the country as Black Lives Matter and Antifa "activists" performed their "protests" in ways that were meant to harm people. They'd never admit that was their intention, but only a total idiot would think that slowing or stopping an ambulance carrying a dying person or preventing police from...

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‘Cuties’ is so blatantly perverse, even 4chan censored screenshots from the movie

Subscribe to the Non-Compliant America Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Those who missed us canceling our Netflix account can see it here. We’re done, and anyone who does not support child sexual exploitation should be done with Netflix as well. The “Cuties” debacle is a clear indicator that the entertainment giant knows what it’s doing...

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Food Lion sides with America, Detroit federal judge sides with Antifa

Subscribe to the Non-Compliant America Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Food Lion, the North Carolina-based grocery chain, stepped into a pile of anti-Americanism when they decided to prevent an Air Force veteran from wearing face mask with the American flag on it. They quickly reversed their decision after a strong backlash from patriots. According to...

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Why are there no counter-protesting patriots in Portland, Seattle, elsewhere?

Subscribe to the Non-Compliant America Podcast on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or Spotify. Unpopular opinion: It's time for patriots to fight back against the rioters taking over downtown areas in places like Portland, Seattle, Detroit, and other cities across America. I'm disappointed to have to call it an "unpopular" opinion, but apparently the groundswell of support for counter-protesters...

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